Group night planning and ideas

In November 2018, Woodcraft Folk Scotland ran a skillsharing event called Winning Winter Woodcraft to share ideas for group night activities. A template to help with group night planning was developed and shared, as well as 4 filled in templates to take back to groups with a ready made activity. 

In addition an ideas sheet was made listing all the group night ideas that have been shared in recent years - activities from real Woodcraft Folk groups in Scotland.

Finally a resources flyer was made, giving information about where to find further ideas.

We hope this gives you lots to think about as well as sparking your own new ideas!

Please find all these items below.


Woodcraft Folk Scotland, November 2018  

Activity session template.doc263 KB
Activity session knife skills and stone soup.doc270 KB
Activity session template kids against plastic.doc267.5 KB
Activity session water issues.doc266 KB
Winter activities for group nights revised.docx178.65 KB
Resources flyer.pdf1.56 MB