Fundraising & Treasurers

Local fundraising

If you want to raise funds for your district, need advice on Gift Aid or want to see some examples of successful grant applications, then go to our local fundraising page.

Woodcraft has a fundraising working group which is made up of volunteers and staff. If you have any questions, would like a second set of eyes on your fundraising plans or grant application or would like to get in touch about anything else, please do are always open to new members, too. So, if you're interested in joining (whether you're experienced at writing grant bids, fundraising or just enthusiastic), please get in touch -

Local treasurers

You can find information about local finances by visiting our local treasurers page. 

Supporting Woodcraft Folk

If you'd like to support Woodcraft with a donation, by doing a sponsored event, by shopping online or by becoming a supporter, then go to our supporting Woodcraft Folk page.