Fundraising guidance

This page provides guidance on certain key things to think about when fundraising. 

Donations given for a specific purpose (rather than for general Woodcraft Folk purposes)

Detailed legal rules apply in relation to donations which are given for a specific purpose (eg. for an international exchange) but which can’t be spent on that purpose (eg. because the exchange is cancelled).

The general principle is that such donations must be returned, where possible, and the Charity Commission must give its approval for any remaining donations to be used for a different, similar purpose.

Please contact Folk Office (, if you think your Group/District has raised money for something which it can't spend the money on. We can then discuss the best way to proceed because it will depend on the specific circumstances.

There are two simple ways to help prevent the above complications arising in the first place:

  • The first option is to raise money for general Woodcraft Folk purposes – then you can use the money raised for any purpose which furthers Woodcraft Folk’s charitable objectives.
  • The second option is to raise money for a specific purpose but to include a wider secondary purpose. For example: "We’re raising funds to support a delegation to Egypt. If for any reason we can’t go to Egypt, or there are surplus funds left over after the trip, we will use the money for Woodcraft’s other charitable work."

The Fundraising Code of Practice

The Fundraising Regulator was established in January 2016, following widespread public and media concern about how charities contact potential donors. Woodcraft Folk has signed up to their Fundraising Code of Practice, which outlines the standards expected of all charitable fundraising organisations across the UK.

The Code is a lengthy document and much of it concerns fundraising practices which we do not use. However, it includes sections that are of relevance to Woodcraft Folk.

If you are raising funds for your district, it is important that you follow the code of practice for the type of fundraising activity you use. The sections of the Code that are mainly relevant to the Folk are:

  • working with volunteers
  • working with children
  • digital media
  • raffles and lotteries
  • events
  • legacies

Most of Woodcraft's current fundraising practices already follow much of the Code of Practice so there is no cause for alarm! If you plan a fundraising activity that is not covered by one of these sections, then it's probably somewhere else in the Code of Practice. If you're still not sure how to comply with the code, then email the Woodcraft office, who may be able to help.

Whichever way you choose to raise funds, your group or district should be aware of the relevant section of the code and follow The Fundraising Promise.