Exeter Pioneers' Action Project - 'Artival: the Big Flashy Arty Parky Show’

Exeter Forrest Pioneers planned a community event in June 2011, called Artival: the Big Flashy Arty Parky Show’, which displayed art produced by young people and sold pieces to raise money for the groups chosen charities (RSPCA, CND, Children’s Hospice). They raised an incredible £591.56! They also ran lots of Woodcraft games and activities for other children and young people attending the event; including bushcraft and making worry dolls, hoping to raise the profile of Woodcraft in Exeter and make links with other organisations. Their idea from the start, as one Pioneer said was “it will be like a carnival – but with art, and in the park”

The Pioneers organised themselves into teams to make sure that everything for the event was covered; the logistics, creating publicity, co-ordinating the gallery and liasing with other organisation.  They contacted Exeter CND, the local football team as well as the local media to publicise their amazing event, as well as making things that could be displayed at their event! They also had to make the difficult decision of what to call their event, and after brainstorming ideas, shortlisting the proposals and then having a final vote - the group decided on 'Artival: the Big Flashy Arty Parky Show’.

The event was a great success and everyone really enjoyed the day! Read a report from one of the Pioneers here