Example Adult Code of Conduct

Woodcraft Groups Code Of Conduct


  • If you cannot attend a session please let Group Leader know 24 hours before, at the latest.
  • All adults are required to take responsibility, with the leader, for the  activities both indoors and outdoors. All Volunteers are responsible to the Woodcraft Folk.
  • All accidents must be reported to the group leader and logged in the accident book.
  • No smoking is allowed during the sessions. Any smoking on a designated break must be away from the activities and children in a safe place.
  • Drug/alcohol abuse will not be tolerated . Alcohol consumption is not permitted at any time during the session.
  • Adults should try and ensure that all children have equal opportunities to the activities, and try to challenge discrimination of any form.
  • Adults  need to be aware of any disruptive, bullying or aggressive behaviour, and seek help from others in dealing with them. Try to have a consistent approach to these throughout the team.
  • Physical restraint of children is not permissible, unless it is to ensure the safety of the child, other children, workers or other people. Use only reasonable force for the situation and keep to the absolute minimum. All incidents must be recorded in the incident book.
  • If a child talks to you regarding a child protection disclosure or any other personal issue the correct procedures must be followed. Please refer to the Woodcraft Folk’s Child Protection Policy available from the project co-ordinator.
  • When working with children try to be consistent and avoid situations where over familiarity by you or the children may be misinterpreted.  Avoid one-to-one situations, and if this is not possible inform other workers where you are going, who with and for how long, and try to remain in view of others.
  • Any grievances received from parents or members of the public can be referred to the district co-ordinator
  • You should avoid taking responsibility for children’s personal belongings or money.
  • Adults need to familiarise themselves with other policies & procedures available from the group leader; first aid procedures, Health and Safety, Risk Assessments,  Duties, Open Access Policy, Child Protection Policy, Complaints Procedures.


(Submitted by Southwark Woodcraft Folk)