Spanning the World with Friendship Symposium

An exploration of Woodcraft Folk’s international youth work, during which we will explore songs, educational approach to camps and more.

As part of Woodcraft Folk pre-centenary celebrations UCL are hosting a reflection on Woodcraft Folk’s international activity and their impact on children and young people.

Span the World with Friendship has been a constant within Woodcraft Folk demonstrated through its international work, youth exchanges, camps and broader educational work.

The symposium is open to all, those new to the Folk, those with an academic, professional or personal interest in Woodcraft Folk’s international activities.

During this event the audience will hear from:

  • Rich Palser: Woodcraft Folk and the International Falcon Movement, circa 1945-1970: Educational principles and the educational practice of international camps
  • Susanne Rappe-Weber: Internationality and friendship between nations in songbooks of the youth movement after 1945. A comparison of the “Woodcraft Folk Song Book” with examples from Germany, France and other countries.
  • Douglas Bourn: From International Friendship to International Solidarity
  • Margaret Fleming with young people: Young People and the Climate Emergency
  • Woodcraft Folk’s Common Ground organising team who will give an update on Woodcraft Folk’s latest International Camp 2022

Woodcraft Folk is grateful for financial support from the Archives Cluster / Joint Centre for Critical Heritage Studies (University of Gothenburg / UCL).


08 Oct 2022


10:30 am - 4:30 pm

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Bedford Way, London

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