Road map to re-opening after COVID-19 lockdown

Woodcraft Folk Map to Reopening, September 2020

All Woodcraft Folk activities must adhere to government guidelines at all times.

Woodcraft Folk physical/face to face activities can now begin in those geographical areas which are not experiencing localised lockdown. However, Woodcraft Folk will continue to offer a blended programme of remote and virtual activities as well as face to face activities where safe to do so.

To find latest Government restrictions please visit:

Woodcraft Folk, like all youth work organisations, will adopt best practice and follow the guidance produced by the National Youth Agency, YouthLink Scotland and the Council for Wales Voluntary Youth Service. 

The National Youth Agency (NYA) as the Professional Statutory and Regulatory Body for youth work in England has, in consultation with Public Health England and the Health and Safety Executive, developed youth sector specific advice and guidance. The guidance will support local providers, leaders, volunteers and young people to remain safe when engaging in youth sector activities. The NYA will also issue a readiness level that will permit different types of youth work activity as conditions improve. A summary film is available here.


At the bottom of this page you will find the following documents available for download. 

Click here to be taken to the Road Map to re-opening for Woodcraft Folk Groups webinar. 

Preparing to re-open webinar for groups 

If anyone taking part in group activities becomes unwell with a new, continuous cough or a high temperature, or has a loss of, or change in, their normal sense of taste of smell, they must be sent home and advised to follow the guidance for households with possible coronavirus infection.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact 

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