The Courier AGM

Welcome to The Courier AGM Elections

There are 3 elections being held for three positions in The Courier's 2013 editorial team. Votes were cast at the AGM but until Monday the 28th of January there is an opportunity for any member of Woodcraft Folk to vote for their editorial team also. The roles and candidates statements are outlined bellow. If you already voted at the AGM you may not vote again. You may not vote more than once.



The Art Editor is responsible for the design of The Courier each issue. This is a tricky job and requires good time planning with a high attention to detail but its also an extremely creative and rewarding job. The Courier is printed full bleed and full colour meaning that as a designer you have a lot of freedom to explore and try new things.
The Art editor works with the editors and features editor from the very start of the issue planning to come up with articles and how they can be approached visually. The Courier is specifically tasked with being both fascinating and beautiful because Woodcraft Folk believes that visual communication is essential to make a publication accessible and engaging.
The Art Editor is ultimately responsible for all visual bugs including page numbers and font sizes as well as photographs or design elements.
The Art Editor may commission photography, illustrations and negotiate budgets for these things where appropriate.


Kate Bowman

I am standing for the position of Art Editor for the Courier because I absolutely love designing and making things and I would relish the challenge of designing for the Courier. In no way does this mean what you'll be getting through your letter box will be unrecognisable- the Courier has a distinctive style that I'll continue- but I would love to make my mark on the publication, bringing in hand drawn aspects. I have designed various things for Woodcraft Folk before and am particularly proud of the 2010- 2012 Review, the most recent Woodcraft Hoodie and the 2012 Membership Badge.



The Features Editor is like an editor but with a specific twist. The Courier includes features that are sometimes all by one person or other times made from a number of shorter articles and are commissioned specially. The Features Editor works with the editors to plan themed chunks of The Courier that can tackle a specific issue from a number of perspectives. Features editors need to have excellent editing skills, be tactful, creative and ambitious. Part of the mission of The Courier is to always be interesting and the features editor role is a key part of bringing something new to the table in every issue. Ultimately the features editor is responsible not just for their feature but also for the rest of The Courier just as the Editors are responsible for all the features.


Pearl Ahrens

I've been in Woodcraft Folk for more than half my life and an editor of The Courier for its last two issues. In the last eight months I've abridged resources and worked with other editors to write pieces. It's been really fun and I think I've learnt a lot about The Courier's role in Woodcraft and how it's made. I would really like to continue working on it, but as the Features Editor.


EDITOR x 3 positions available

The Editors of The Courier are ultimately the people who are responsible for putting together the magazine every term. They are creative, thoughtful and passionate who who are able to work with other people and each other to curate an interesting, elegant and accurate publication 3 times a year. Being an editor doesn't mean you have be ruthless about grammar or spelling but it does mean having an appreciation for good writing and being comfortable editing text. Each issue the editors along with the feature editor and art editor plan an issue of The Courier weaving in suggestions from the movement for articles and their own interests. Being an editor doesn't mean you have to write lots and in fact almost every word published in The Courier isn't written by the editorial team. The Editors are responsible with the support of the editorial board and editor-in-chief at managing The Courier's budget over the year, promoting The Courier to Woodcraft Folk and managing online. Its a complex role that involves every aspect of publishing but in a manageable size.


Jake Taylor

My name is Jake Taylor and I would like to stand for Editor of the Courier. I have been on the editorial team for over half a year and would like to continue this role. I have learnt many new skills and I would highly benefit the team. It would be a massive joy to edit for the courier and I hope you will vote for me as editor.

Will Knight

I believe I would be good for this role as I have previous experience of working with editing both written and spoken work. Previously I worked on the inception of the Courier and have continued to help shape it into what it has become today, not to say that that should guarantee I continue being involved in the Courier but I feel it has given me valuable skills in editing, working to a deadline and communicating with other editors and article-writers.
I have also been involved in editing the Student Nursing Times podcast which involves a similiar process to the Courier of contacting people to ask them to be part of the show, recording the piece and then editing it to fit in the show. I look forward to working with a new team of people in future Courier editions to bring news of our movement to Woodcraft and beyond.

Jocelyn Preece

Hello wonderful Woodcrafters! My name is Jocelyn Preece and I’m standing for one of the three available Editor positions.
Essentially, being an Editor is my dream job. I intend to eventually make a career out of it, so it’s safe to say I’ve already been seduced by the prospect of a lot of hard work, but when it’s something you’re incredibly passionate about, for a cause you’re committed to, it’s a pleasure.

I’ve grown up in the movement, discussing and experiencing the issues and topics covered by The Courier, so to be part of the team that makes this magazine available to the entire Woodcraft Folk would be amazing!

I was the Editor and founder of my college magazine, working with my team and contributors to create a forum for the students to talk about their interests and discuss important issues. I’ve also provided editing services for my friends, checking facts, composition and presentation as well as getting into the nitty-gritty of spelling and grammar.
Working with students means that I’m very used to last minute changes and additions and, being a student myself, I have experience with the creative process, working and collaborating on various projects. I’m currently studying at the Open University and volunteering locally, which means that I definitely have the time to fully commit to this role.

With any luck I’ve communicated some of my (boundless) enthusiasm about the position of Editor. I would really love to help provide a platform that enables members and contributors to discuss and hopefully further the future of the movement, not to mention allowing everyone to see Woodcraft in all its beautifully weird and wonderful glory!

Saskia Neibig

My name's Saskia and I'm from Germany, Newcastle and Deptford. I've grown up in Woodcraft and been involved as a leader, a member of General Council, on DF committee and working with different affiliates, like the co-op movement. I recently helped out on the most recent edition of The Courier and really enjoyed it. I'd like to get involved in commissioning and editing really interesting articles and coming up with ideas to spread our distribution through a subscription scheme that several co-ops have asked me for. I have a good idea of what different stakeholder groups want from The Courier, and really look forward to the possibility of taking forward the great work that's already been done on the newspaper.


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Who got elected...?

Heya - I realise this was a while ago, but I was wondering who got elected. Presumably the news went out somewhere and I missed it..? (or maybe it'll be in the next courier)