Gardening at Darsham

Volunteers give the terrace and patio at Woodcraft Folk's Darsham Outdoor Centre a new lease of life.

Make a Difference Day

Event date: 
27 October 2012 (All day)
Event location: 
Anywhere you want

Celebrate the power of volunteering!


This year it's all about the skills people use to volunteer. Where would Woodcraft be without the co-operation, camping, communication, and faciliation skills of our volunteers?

Why not use your autumn term to organise an event celebrating the people who help run your group and district?

Outline Task Lists for Volunteers

Below are concise list of tasks for volunteer roles in Woodcraft Folk Groups and Districts, necessary to function at what is currently considered best practice.

Case study: the role of 'Meeter and Greeter'

Ealing District have developed a new role that helps them engage parents. Below, Tom talks about why and how they did this, and how it's helping his group:

An introduction to Pavla

An introduction to Pavla Cihàkovà, from the Czech Republic, who is volunteering with Woodcraft for 12 months as part of the European Voluntary Service. 

Your Park Farm

Voluteering at the Farm

It is important to remember that this is YOUR site too, Park Farm runs entirely through the work of volunteers from across the London and SE region, both those serving on the committee and those who turn up to help at our working weekends. A BIG thank you to all those who have contributed in the past, it really is appreciated. It would be great to have a few more people along though as many hands makes light work!

Why volunteer with Woodcraft Folk?

Woodcraft Folk runs on the passion and energy of thousands of volunteers. With the support of regional and central resources, local Woodcraft groups decide their own programme and co-ordinate their own events and camps.

National Volunteer Guide

Below you can download details of all the volunteer roles available at a local level in Woodcraft Folk groups around the UK. They're divided into three groups:

  • First steps - roles suitable for your first experience of volunteering in Woodcraft Folk
  • More involved - roles needing a bit more time and experience
  • Regular commitment - roles for those who've been volunteering for a while and want more responsibility
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