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TREE Steering Group

Young members of the TREE Steering Group - Kieran, Susie, Isabel and Seal.

Big Lottery

Big Lottery funds the five-year TREE programme

How to apply for Action Project funding

Download the form

Applications are now open for projects starting in Spring 2014 so download the simple form at the foot of this page and fill it with your ideas over the winter. Make the most of your cold winters instead together and plan exciting stuff for the coming year.

Possible Action Project ideas

Here is a few possible ideas to get you thinking:

Woodcraft Folk Action Projects


As part of the TREE programme, Woodcraft Folk offered funding to groups who wanted to run youth-led projects to take action on social issues or local community initiatives. Over the 5 years there have been over 80 projects run across the UK, doing a range of activities from community orchards to refugee awareness.

Chloë Darlington

Chloë Darlington is Development Officer: Youth Communications at Woodcraft Folk

Rebecca Mattingly, TREE staff

Rebecca Mattingly is Development Officer: Youth Empowerment at Woodcraft Folk

A Right to Refuge

Woodcraft Folk’s campaign for the rights of refugees and asylum seekers in the UK

Latest news:

Refugee Week (every year in June) is the ideal time to take action in support of refugees and asylum seekers in the UK. Your group could:

Read about the impact Right to Refuge activities had in one Woodcraft District here.

Contact for more support.

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