TREE programme

Running a workshop

Pioneer Elena helps run an activity at a TREE Steering Group residential at Cudham.

TREE Steering & Comms Groups

Activities at a TREE Steering Group and Comms Group joint residential in September 2012, Grendon Hall. (The moustaches were part of a session on becoming 'ambassadors' of youth participation :)

Introducing Joe Wyatt

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Joe Wyatt – Group Support

I would like to introduce myself: I’m Joe Wyatt and I’m the new Development Officer focusing on Group Support. So who am I? I’m a 25 year old who lives in the Guildford area. I became involved in youth work when I became a member of the UK Youth Parliament at the age of 17, since then I have become more and involved in youth voice and youth rights. I’ve been through all the stages, participant to young leader to volunteer then finally a full time worker, where I worked for 3 years as a participation worker at UK Youth.

Take Action display at AG12

Part of the TREE display at Annual Gathering 2012. If you're interested in taking action for social change, have a look at the Take Action page and get started!

Mountains and molehills in youth participation

Event date: 
10 March 2012 - 12:00pm - 11 March 2012 - 4:00pm
Event location: 
Lockerbrook Outdoor Activity Centre, Snake Pass, Bamford, Hope Valley

What mountains and molehills have you encountered in meaningful youth participation?

Woodcraft Folk has put together an event for youth organisations to share their successes and challenges as they work to involve young people in developing, reviewing and improving their services. We’d like you to join us, not just at the event but in creating the agenda and making sure we all get the chance to learn from each other. The aim is to demonstrate how we involve young people effectively, so that our successful methods can be shared, and mountains turned back into molehills.

Hands In! group challenges

Throughout the 5 weeks of Hands In! we have a series of challenges and activities for Woodcraft Folk groups around the country to take part in.

Choose a different thing to do from the list each week.

Some things can be done during your group night, while others may need to be completed between sessions (you could all do it, or nominate a small team for each thing). You can do as many as you like - see how many challenges you can get through during the 5 weeks!

Hands In!

About Hands In!

Hands In! were UK-wide activities set up by the TREE Steering Group for the spring term (January to March), when groups across our movement have been doing activities to link us together as one. In the past  we've created beautiful quilts and had fun geocaching.

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