Sustaining Groups

Sustaining groups- Our priority

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Sustaining existing groups is one of Woodcraft Folk’s strategic priorities, to support this activity the Development team have recently asked all groups and Districts to complete a sustainability survey, looking at the key areas that we believe impact on group sustainability:

• The people you need
• Being part of the Folk
• Finances
• Staying safe
• Publicity and outreach
• Programme planning

Development Conference: Sustaining Groups

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Two months until Development Conference (2nd & 3rd November 2013)

This year’s Development Conference will focus on the sustainability of existing groups and Districts – one of the 3 priorities of the new strategic plan Bigger & Better.

Previous Development Conferences have produced:

1. Woodcraft Folk’s Volunteers Guide
2. New and reviewed policies
3. New leader recruitment postcards
4. Factsheets for new groups
5. Motions to Annual Gathering
6. Volunteer Toolkit

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