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NCS Resource List

A collect of resources from Woodcraft's NCS programme. 

Bitesize Working Together training plan

This training session is an introduction to working together with other adults to organise your group.

By the end of the session, volunteers will be better equipped to:

Bitesize Staying Safe training plan

This training session is an introduction to safeguarding for group leaders and helpers. 

To run this session you'll need: 

Bitesize Managing Behaviour training plan

This training session is an introduction to managing behaviour at group nights. 

By the end of the session, you will be able to:

Bitesize Putting the Aims and Principles into Practice

This session is an introduction to Woodcraft Folk programme planning, including how to design sessions that promote our aims and principles. 


Open Meeting for Parents - Plan

Are you hoping to set up a new group but need more leaders to help? 
Are you an existing group wanting more help from parents? 

Below are notes and plans from groups who have faced the same issues.

New Groups

Working Together Training

How can group leaders, helpers and other adult members in the Woodcraft Folk work together in a more effective way?

We are very good at helping children to learn the skills of co-operation but sometimes struggle to reflect these in the interactions between adults in the movement.

This workshop will cover both the attitudes and the skills needed to work together not only co-operatively but also collaboratively. 

Safeguarding Training

All staff and volunteers who work regularly (more than once a month) with children and young people, or attend an overnight stay, are required to undertake training. This training can be delivered internally, online or through your Local Safeguarding Children Board. See below a list of all of our online training oppurtunities and guidance documents. 

Young Leader Training

Woodcraft Folk has run many weekends of training for leaders of various ages. Although the activities we use have developed a bit as we've tried to make these weekends as accessible as possible to younger leaders (eg Venturers), our approach is that everyone can participate in the same course, whatever their age, if they're new to leadership. 

Workshop Plans: Examples

Below are three workshop plans which were used at the training event Training for Leaders Old & New. Listed below are the aims of each workshop, and for download below that are the full plans for each of the three workshops.

1. Reaching Out to New Communities Workshop 


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