Outreach, publicity and volunteer recruitment

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Publicity Guidance

There are lots of ways to publicise your group. Here are some of the techniques we know work.

Don’t forget that most people won’t sign up after seeing one poster or flyer. Use as many of these approaches as you have time for, and if possible, use together with outreach activity.

Publicity & Outreach - New Group Guidance Sheet

This guidance forms part of the New Group Journey resource.

Woodcraft Folk on television

Sunday, 25 May 2014

John Tippins, co-ordinator of Hounslow district, was asked by the Community Channel to make a short film as part of the 'My Brilliant Moment' series, an “inspiring short film series looking at charity and community leaders' personal 'eureka' moments”.

The television company approached charities that had received an Awards for All grant. Many Woodcraft districts were successful with Awards for All applications, but Hounslow District also happened to be the closest to the company's studios!

my brilliant moment

Woodcraft Folk on television

Media Enquiries Policy

Below is guidance for Woodcraft Folk members on dealing with the media. It doesn't include advice on actively seeking media coverage - you can find that on the District Media Guide page

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