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Woodcraft Folk leaflet

Below you can download the generic Woodcraft Folk information leaflet. It's in two pages, the outside of the leaflet and the inside of the leaflet. If you print the pdf double-sided, you can fold it into a 3-panel leaflet. Don't forget to add your local group's contact details in the yellow box on the back.

Alternatively contact Folk Office and ask us to send you a batch of printed leaflets. 

Woodcraft Folk leaflet

A screenshot of the outside of Woodcraft Folk's generic info leaflet. Visit the resources section to download the full leaflet, or contact Folk Office to request printed leaflets for your group. 

Woodcraft Folk posters and flyers

On this page you can download posters and flyers

Hard copies of these resources are available from Folk Office.

Woodcraft poster image

This is a screenshot of Woodcraft Folk's generic publicity poster for local groups to print out and use. Visit the resources section to download the full poster.

Latitude Publicity stall

Two General Council members, Kit Jones and Phin Harper studying the contacts list at the Woodcraft publicity stall in the kids field at Latitude Festival in Summer 2010

DF t-shirt on The Weakest Link

Kieran Ford, the vice-chair of DF committee, making an appearance on The Weakest Link wearing a DF t-shirt and a v-camp wristband.

Leics publicity banner

Local member, Dominic Palmer, designed this banner for the district and local groups to use at local events to publicise The Woodcraft Folk.

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