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Case study: Woodcraft stall at a festival

Running a stall at an event is a great way to promote Woodcraft Folk, and to share with the public what we do and why we do it. Lots of Woodcraft groups take stalls and activities to annual local events, and some represent us at summer festivals. Here is Kit's story of taking a Woodcraft Folk stall to Latitude.

Stall at Thames Festival 2011

Facepainting at the Thames Festival stall

What is Woodcraft Folk all about?

This A3 poster is adapted from Brighton's leaflet.  I have changed the words slightly and designed it for this larger format.

Stephen Phillips.

Contact & Press

Welcome to Woodcraft Folk's press area and contacts. Here you will be able to find all major press releases and contact details of volunteers and staff available to comment. It's split into two sections:

District Media Guide

The guide below is for Woodcraft Folk groups and districts who want to get coverage in their local press. It could be to publicise the launch of a new group, recruit new volunteers, or celebrate other Woodcraft activities. 

If you've got any advice to share from your own experiences of working with local press, let us know via

New Publicity Materials

New Norwich Publicity Materials

Norwich Venturers Postcard

A Postcard created by Norwich District Woodcraft Folk and The Better Known and Understood team of General Council

Norwich District Woodcraft Folk Publicity Leaflet

Produced by Norwich Woodcraft Folk with support from the Better Known and Understood team of General Council this generic publicity leaflet explains Norwich Woodcraft Folk to new parents.

Welcome to Venturers leaflet

The inside of the 'Welcome to Venturers' leaflet. Contact Folk Office to request a batch of these leaflets. 

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