Child protection reporting and record keeping guidelines

Please find below the child protection reporting and record keeping guidelines.

NB: click here to go to the Data Protection Hub.

Woodcraft Folk's data protection policy

Below is Woodcraft Folk's Data Protection Policy.

Planning and supporting effective campaigning - new resource

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

2017 was a busy year for campaigning and it looks like 2018 will provide plenty of opportunities to make our voices heard on issues that matter to Woodcraft Folk. General Council has prepared a new resource to help members plan effective, inclusive campaigning activity and to clarify the process for Woodcraft Folk endorsing campaigns organised by others. 

You can view the resource or download a PDF version at https://woodcraft.org.uk/resources/campaign-planning-approval-process

Managing Behaviour Policy

Woodcraft Folk's Managing Behaviour approved by General Coucil December 2015 

Managing Behaviour

Managing Behaviour Policy and resources page

To support groups with managing challenging behaviour, Woodcraft Folk have created a policy and set of guidance. These can be download below. A webinar on the subject can be found HERE

A bitesize session on managing behaviour in your group can be found HERE on our website. 

The list is sorted into sections:

Safeguarding: relevant policies and templates

Safeguarding our members is very important to Woodcraft Folk, and there are many useful documents to help us work safely and respond well to any concerns. Below are the policies that guide our safeguarding, and useful templates for local groups and Districts to implement good practice.

You should also refer to the Safeguarding Procedures and Practices page, and the Responding to Safeguarding Concerns page.

Motions Passed at Annual Gathering 2012

Local safeguarding plans

Below are examples of District safeguarding plans. All Districts are required to create their own safeguarding plan - you can download the template for your District safeguarding plan below. Contact Debs McCahon if you need support to develop your safeguarding plan.

Motions Passed at Annual Gathering 2003

  • Strategic Review Motion

This conference welcomes and endorses the new strategic review "The Beat Goes On", covering the period 2003-2008.
Conference urges all Nations, regions and districts to use this document to help develop their own strategies over the next five years.

Motions Passed at Annual Gathering 2002

  • International Camp

This conference congratulates the movement on the success of the 2001 International Camp held at Walesby. The camp has had an enduring positive effect on the movement and has placed sustainability as one of the main educational themes of the Folk.
This conference calls upon General Council to organise the next International Camp in 2006.

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