Working Together Training

How can group leaders, helpers and other adult members in the Woodcraft Folk work together in a more effective way?

We are very good at helping children to learn the skills of co-operation but sometimes struggle to reflect these in the interactions between adults in the movement.

This workshop will cover both the attitudes and the skills needed to work together not only co-operatively but also collaboratively. 

GC Report September 2010

Here you will see Carly Walker-Dawson's report of the last General Council meeting.

  GC Report September 2010

General Council is the board of trustees of The Woodcraft Folk, who are elected by the membership at Annual Gathering, DF Althing and the Scottish and Welsh gatherings. General Council meets face-to-face approximately every two months. Carly Walker-Dawson summarises the main outcomes of the last General Council meeting, 25-26 September 2010, in Manchester:

The Big Plan review

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