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Contact Us

  • Phone: 020 7703 4173
  • Fax: 020 7358 6459
  • Email:
  • Woodcraft Folk, Units 9/10, 83 Crampton Street, London, SE17 3BQ

Individual Contacts

If you would like to get in touch with a specific member of staff or trustee, you can find their contact details on the following pages:

PR & Media Guide

The guide below is for Woodcraft Folk groups and districts who want to get coverage in their local press. It could be to publicise the launch of a new group, recruit new volunteers, or celebrate other Woodcraft activities. 

If you've got any advice to share from your own experiences of working with local press, let us know via

Media Inquiries Policy

Below is guidance for Woodcraft Folk members on dealing with the media. It doesn't include advice on actively seeking media coverage - you can find that on the District Media Guide page

Pioneer Peace Pack Activity 4 - War Detectives

Aim of the activity:
The first exercise looks at bias in media reporting of conflict and war situations. The second is an open-ended opportunity for Pioneers to gain a deeper understanding of a particular conflict situation.

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