Young Leaders


As Venturers, DFs and young Kinsfolk you may be interested in volunteering with Woodcraft Folk. We need and welcome your contribution - you are the future of Woodcraft Folk.


You might be unsure of how to go about volunteering or you might already volunteer as a leader or helper. You may even want to find out how to take on a leadership role.

Woodcraft folk on the march

Ghee volunteers with the Woodcraft Folk contingent at the anti-cuts march, for A Future That Works. 

Woodcraft Leadership Standards

General Council, Woodcraft Folk's trustee board, adopted a set of core standards for leadership in 2008. These are the minimum requirements of any Group Leader in Woodcraft Folk.

Group facilitation and consensus training

Event date: 
21 February 2013 - 10:00am - 5:30pm
Event location: 
Folk House in London (SE17 3BQ)

Are you interested in learning new group facilitation and consensus skills? 

If so then sign up for Free training on Thursday the 21st of February at Folk House in London (SE17 3BQ) 
Time: 10am - 5:30pm 
Trainer: Ghee Bowman
Training Aims
  • To explore the theory and practice of group facilitation, participation and consensus-bu

Leading for the Future

What is leadership? 

Woodcraft Folk, in partnership with Practical Participation, have created a powerful new resource to help young people explore leadership, develop new skills and make change in their community and in the world. We hope this book of activities, which can be done over the course of a term or as individual activities at an event, will help you develop as a group, create a shared vision of where you want to go, and take action on issues you believe are important. 

Leading for the Future

  • Ever wanted to take a more active role in leading Woodcraft Folk activities, but not sure where to start?
  • Interested in supporting other groups in your district, but feel you don’t have enough experience?
  • Inspired by projects and campaigns around you led by other young people? Want to find out more about how to get involved?
  • Do you lack enough volunteers to run groups in your district?
  • Do DFs and young kinsfolk from your district tend to disappear rather than becoming young leaders?

Leading for the Future - how we got here

The development of the ‘Leading for the future’ programme was guided by a reference group of young people and adults from different parts of Woodcraft Folk.

We explored what leadership meant to us and what leadership meant within Woodcraft Folk to develop this programme of activities.

Have a look at the ideas and interviews in the project archive. How does this compare to what you've come up with in your group? Have we missed anything you think is really important?

Leading for the Future

What is this?

Leading for the Future is a resource created with children, young people and adults from across Woodcraft Folk to support local groups to explore and develop their understanding of leadership, learn new skills and grow in confidence as young leaders. It is a set of activities, exploring different aspects of leadership, developing new skills and putting them into practice.

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