general council


Sarah thinking hard at a General Council meeting

General Council at Darsham

GC members outside at Darsham Country Centre

the Winning team

the "Winning" team celebrate their egg not breaking

Kit Jones on the way to a GC

Kit Jones lost on the way to a GC meeting

Annual Gathering 2011 - Nominations deadline - 12 noon

Event date: 
15 March 2011 - 12:00pm
Event location: 
Walesby Forest Scout Centre, Nottinghamshire

The deadline for nominations to General Council and Standing Order Committee is 12 noon on Tuesday 15 March.

You can find the nomination forms here.

Please send nominatons to the General Secretary.

If you are thinking of standing for General Council, please note that the first meeting of the new General Council will be a residential meeting on the weekend of 11/12 June.

Norwich District Woodcraft Folk Publicity Leaflet

Produced by Norwich Woodcraft Folk with support from the Better Known and Understood team of General Council this generic publicity leaflet explains Norwich Woodcraft Folk to new parents.

General Council election

Jess from Highgate and Holloway district making her speech to stand for General Council in 2010

GC Report September 2010

Here you will see Carly Walker-Dawson's report of the last General Council meeting.

  GC Report September 2010

General Council is the board of trustees of The Woodcraft Folk, who are elected by the membership at Annual Gathering, DF Althing and the Scottish and Welsh gatherings. General Council meets face-to-face approximately every two months. Carly Walker-Dawson summarises the main outcomes of the last General Council meeting, 25-26 September 2010, in Manchester:

The Big Plan review

General Council Minutes

In line with the decision of the 2010 Annual Conference, we'll post minutes of General Council here within a month of the meeting. 

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