general council

Katie Moon

Katie Moon (Allthing rep on General Council)

Get involved and develop your role in Woodcraft Folk

Make Woodcraft Folk your movement by getting involved, having a say in what happens, helping to create amazing experiences for others and supporting other members.

There are so many ways you can help out and have a great time along the way, so get involved in a way that suits you and help make Woodcraft Folk bigger and better for everyone.

Ways to have your say in Woodcraft

Make an impact locally..........

Lloyd talking finances

Lloyd talks fiances

Kate launches her egg

its hard work being a trustee - Kate bowman launches an egg container for a fire escape at darsahm

Ralph, Tom & Papers

GC revolves around papers - here ralph and tom sweat over some

Richard knows things

The Legend that walks. Richard Robbertson at a general council meeting

Saskia at a GC meeting

Saskia Neibig at a GC meeting

Jess at a GC meeting

Jess Poyner @ a GC meeting in Darsham

Ghee Crossword

Ghee Bowman thinks hard about a crossword on route to a GC meeting in Darsham

Kieran on the train

GC members, Kirean Ford watches the world fly by on the train ride to a GC meeting in Darsham

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