Friends of the Folk Toolkit

Introduction to this toolkit

This toolkit is designed to help you to promote our Friends of the Folk scheme. 

Friends of the Folk is our scheme for those supporters of Woodcraft Folk who want to donate regularly to the national organisation, but don’t want to become members because, for example, they aren’t able to become active volunteers. We hope the scheme will appeal, in particular, to parents of children in our groups and to former Woodcrafters.

Your donation

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Some examples of what your donation will be used for include:

Woodcraft Folk’s funding


Woodcraft Folk is a national charity. Our local groups, districts and regions are run by volunteers with the support of our central Folk Office and our board of trustees (learn more at

At a local level, our groups and activities fund themselves through a mixture of membership fees/donations, fundraising and, in some cases, small grants.
File 4817On a national level, our funding breaks down as follows

Latest grants list

The list is in date order and some deadlines are very soon. They will not be applicable to all of you (most are for specific regions), and you might find that none of them are suitable for your district. I have selected them from the latest Funding Central alert as being the most appropriate for WF districts. I hope that a quick scan of this list will allow you to find those sources appropriate to your district.

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