Food preparation

Food preparation, Scottish Gathering, February 2020

Eating at camp

Meal time at One World camp 2018, Scotland

Camp pizza eating

Enjoying self made pizzas at One World camp 2018, Scotland

Fairtrade recipe jars


A great activity if you don’t have cooking facilities at your venue. Children take the jars away with instructions for baking the biscuits at home.

Aim: To reinforce familiarity with the Fairtrade logo. Co-operation (sharing and turn taking with equipment and ingredients).
Duration: 45 minutes

Plain flour,
Baking powder
Soft brown sugar*,
Ground cloves*

Woodcraft Folk KP support website

South West Woodcraft Folk have created a website full of useful checklists, information and handy tips based on their KP training weekend held in February 2011.

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