Woodcraft Folk's impact

Experience of group night activities, camps, projects and commitees has a really positive impact on children and young people in Woodcraft Folk. 

Below you can download a summary of what young people told Cadence, our external evaluators, about the impact youth participation in Woodcraft Folk has had on them. The survey was conducted amongst young people who have experienced either activities run at a local or camp level supported by TREE resources, or activities run by the TREE team themselves:

CANCELLED - From Aims & Principles to Social Action: Reflecting on #iWill Project

Event date: 
7 September 2019 - 12:30pm - 4:30pm
Event location: 
St Mary's Parish Hall, Huntingdon, PE29 3AP

THIS EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED - Please contact Pippa@woodcraft.org.uk if you are interested in taking any of the activities further in another setting. 


This afternoon at St Mary's Parish Hall will be an opportunity to share and celebrate what we have learnt and achieved together through social action activities funded by #iWill via the Cambridgeshire Community Foundation in 2019. 

The event is aimed at young people and volunteers who have participated in either:

Catch the Light Impact Evaluation

This report highlights the impact of Woodcraft Folk on children and young people.

The researchers attended all Woodcraft Folk groups in Scotland and the Celtic Camp as well as collected responses through online surveys targeted at young people and adult volunteers.

The full report is attached, but you may also find it interesting to follow the prezi presentation created by Portobello Venturers here.

Example evaluation questionnaire

Below is a tool the TREE programme, and our evaluation company Cadence, used to assess the impact of a particular activity or project on its participants. We supported young peer evaluators to use these questionnaires, sitting down with a young person who'd particpated in TREE activities and asking them to reflect on how it had affected them. 

Evaluation tools

It's really  useul to reflect on how an activity went, what impact it had on the participants and how it could be even better next time. In the download below are lots of different activities you can use to evaluate a session or an event. They're all fun, participatory and can be mixed and matched to draw out the sorts of reflections you want.

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