DF South East Thing

Event date: 
5 December 2014 - 5:00pm - 7 December 2014 - 3:00pm
Event location: 


“Things” are the backbone of The District Fellows Movement. They are weekend residential events where DFs come together with DF Committee to thrash out the bits and pieces that make up the running of the movement.

Get involved and develop your role in Woodcraft Folk

Make Woodcraft Folk your movement by getting involved, having a say in what happens, helping to create amazing experiences for others and supporting other members.

There are so many ways you can help out and have a great time along the way, so get involved in a way that suits you and help make Woodcraft Folk bigger and better for everyone.

Ways to have your say in Woodcraft

Make an impact locally..........

London Region AGM

Event date: 
6 February 2011 - 10:30am - 3:30pm
Event location: 
Conway Hall, Red Lion Square near Holborn Tube station

London Region AGM and Park Farm (Lurgashall) AGM will take place

Lunch will be provided, booking essential

details from

Sharing Treats & Democracy

Aim: To introduce the ideas of equality, democracy and sharing,

You will need: Sweets/Treats (easy to share out), paper/pencils

Duration: 30 minutes

Choose It, Plan it, Do it!

What is this resource?

Choose it, Plan it, Do it! is a Woodcraft Folk activity pack containing a selection of ideas and tools for gathering ideas, planning and making decisions in groups of all ages. The pack is divided into three parts, with subsections. Each section is packed full of useful activities to make planning and decision making as a group easy, fun, inclusive and inventive.

The TREE Programme

TREE stands for Training, Representation, Equality and Engagement.These are all things Woodcraft Folk aims to give young members. The more fully young people can participate in the organisation, the stronger our future will be.

The TREE Programme was funded by the Big Lottery over a period of five years (2009 – 2014) with the task of developing youth participation at all levels of Woodcraft Folk throughout England. We focused on making sure young people's experience of Woodcraft Folk - from playing games at a weekly group night to sitting on our national trustee board - was as good as possible, and that they could act on the issues that are important to them within the movement and outside of it.  

Woodcraft Folk has always brought children, young people and adults together to learn about and act on social issues, since we were established in 1925 by 19 year-old Leslie Paul. At local and national level, we try to create an atmosphere of equality and co-operation where people of any age can get involved in making decisions, running activities and influencing the movement.

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