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The Courier Online AGM & Elections 2014

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Hello one and all Woodcrafters,

The time has come again for The Courier to hold it's annual elections, this year things are working slightly differently as both the AGM and elections will be held entirely online.

Courier AGM

The Courier AGM

Welcome to The Courier AGM Elections

There are 3 elections being held for three positions in The Courier's 2013 editorial team. Votes were cast at the AGM but until Monday the 28th of January there is an opportunity for any member of Woodcraft Folk to vote for their editorial team also. The roles and candidates statements are outlined bellow. If you already voted at the AGM you may not vote again. You may not vote more than once.

The Courier AGM

Event date: 
20 January 2013 - 12:00pm - 5:00pm
Event location: 
CLS, 2 Princeton Street, London WC1R 4BH

Woodcraft's fabulous new newspaper is holding its first AGM on January 20th in London. All Woodcraft Folk members interested in contributing to The Courier should come along!

Details yet to be confirmed but the day will include

  • Discussion and idea-sharing about future editions
  • Elections for a new editorial & production team

The Courier iPad Edition

The Courier, Spring 2012, Issue One

Leaders Spectacular, Million Venturers Rise, The Fall of Digital Communication and an open Letter to the Co-operative

The Courier Online Home

Welcome to The Courier

This is the main online page for The Courier, Woodcraft Folk's co-operative newspaper. Here you can find a digital version of the newspaper, download the pdf, install The Courier app on your phone, donate to help tell more people about Woodcraft Folk and most crucially of all, get involved with shaping and writing Woodcraft Folk's co-operative newspaper.

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