Communities & Co-operatives Workshop Series - 15% off for Woodcraft Folk

Friday, 13 March 2015

The people behind STIR magazine - a quarterly publication that promotes co-operative and community-led alternatives - have just organised a 6 month programme of training workshops. These workshops will introduce participants to new tools, innovative strategies and the practices that can enable us to face up to climate change, financial inequality and the other social problems we experience.

Co-operACTION Toolkit Launched!

Sunday, 8 December 2013

IFM-SEI has created the Co-operACTION Toolkit for Young Co-operators and leaders to use with their groups!

This handbook is one of the results of IFM-SEI’s Co-operACTION project. The Co-operACTION worked to promote the co-operative model of enterprise to young people at risk of unemployment through education, exchange and practical experience of setting up co-operative enterprises in 11 local communities.

Gwerin play Co-opVille

Friday, 22 November 2013

Bore dydd Sadwrn yng Nghynulliad Blynyddol Gwerin daeth 34 ohonom ynghyd i chwarae gêm Co-opVille. Pentref dychmygol yw Co-opVille a'r bwriad yw dysgu plant a phobl ifanc sut mae cwmnïau cydweithredol yn gweithio drwy chwarae rhan yn un o'r gwmnïau'r pentref. Roedd y gwerithgaredd hwn yn rhan o brosiect Co-op Op sy'n cefnogi pobl ifanc i lunio eu dyfodol ar batrwm gydweithredol trwy Gymru. Wedi treulio rhan gyntaf y gêm yn dysgu am gydweithredu a cheisio deall rheolau'r gêm, ar ôl toriad byr, roedd yn amser rhoi cychwyn ar y masnachu.

The Co-operative Social Goals Update

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

The latest update from the Co-operative's Social Goals team is available to download below. It's got information and opportunities for action on all their latest activities including renewable energy controlled by communities and stories from brand new co-operatives supported by the Co-operative Enterprise Hub.   

Celebrating co-operation at Co-operatives United

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

"People that can do stuff, rather than talk about doing stuff." 

This is how one visitor to Co-operatives United described "a good co-operative" when asked. Others described a co-operative as unity, shared aims, responsibility in your community, mutual benefit - just some of the descriptions of a co-operative given to young Woodcraft Folk member David, who volunteered at this huge festival of co-operation. He gathered an inspiring range of views on co-operation and co-operatives, which you can listen to on this Soundcloud page.

Woodcraft Folk's at Co-ops United!

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Woodcraft Folk members from across the country have gathered in Manchester to take part in the celebration of the international year of co-operatives, Co-ops United.

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