Campaign workshop

This is a series of activities that can be run separately or one after the other if you've got a whole group night to spare. They involve

  • representing unfamiliar opinions
  • exploring an issue in depth 
  • matching messages with audiences
  • planning how to get your message across

Take action

There are lots of ways to campaign, collaborate and make change with Woodcraft’s help:

Right to Refuge in Cheltenham

All our local Woodcraft groups have benefitted from the Right to Refuge campaign. We have each tried one or two things from the campaigns website; all of these have been valuable not only to the growth of our Woodcraft group but have also helped our local asylum seekers settle in to their new home. Why don’t you, at the click of a button, find your local asylum seekers group on Google? By building up links between our Woodcraft groups and the local community we can help out in developing a friendship that profits all.

Right to Refuge campaign materials

The TREE Communications Group, who run Woodcraft's Right to Refuge campaign, have created a leaflet about refugees and asylum seekers in the UK, full of ideas on how we can help them. They've also created a postcard with simple messages about the Right to Refuge campaign. 


Woodcraft Folk at the March

Woodcraft members of all ages from all over the UK joined the March for the Alternative on March 26th. 

Woodcraft parachute on march

A Woodcraft Folk parachute was taken on the March for the Alternative on March 26th, and used to play games along the way. 

Elfins write to the government

Northwood Elfins in South London create messages to send to the government


Lusi Manukyan, whose family are seeking asylum in the UK. She made a huge contribution to VCamp 2010.

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