Annual Gathering

Motion 16: Require meat to be on menu at national camps

This Annual Conference believes that the Woodcraft Folk is an organisation with many ways of working and with members with different needs. We support the principle that we are all different but all equal. This is especially important in terms of catering for our members at camps- kosher, vegetarian, vegan, meat etc. At recent national, centrally organised events the Woodcraft Folk has not catered for all, by creating vegetarian only menus. For most people vegetarianism is a personal choice, not a specific dietary requirement relating to health.

Motion 14: Free Education for All

This Annual Conference notes the way in which children and young people have come together to speak out against the outrageous rises in tuition fees for university students, the scrapping of the Education Maintenance Allowance, the covert marketisation of our schools, and the cuts in services to the population.

This Annual Conference reaffirms its commitment to free education for all, and also commits itself to supporting the most needy through schemes such as Education Maintenance Allowance. 

Motion 13: Support for Woodcraft climate campers

This Annual Conference acknowledges the great achievements of the Woodcraft Folk in supporting young people in their decision to protest and raise their voices. This Annual Conference resolves to continue all aspects of this supporting role and to attend Climate Camp this summer, performing a similar role for young people deciding to act against climate change.

Proposed and Seconded by: DF committee 

Amendment to Motion 13

Motion 11: Campaign on visa regulations

This Annual Conference instructs General Council to facilitate the organisation of a campaign, by any interested Members, Groups and Districts of the Woodcraft Folk, to change the regulations which allow the UK Border Agency to refuse visas to members of delegations who wish to attend events, such as International Camps, run by Woodcraft Folk and other similar charitable organisations.

Proposed and Seconded by: Brighton Central and Hove District

Motion 10: Create new staff post of International Secretary

This Annual Conference instructs General Counci

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