Annual Gathering

Motions Passed at Annual Gathering 2007

  • Objects of Woodcraft Folk (I)

This Annual Conference resolves to amend section C of the Constitution of the Woodcraft Folk as follows:


“To educate and assist young persons so as to develop their physical and mental potential so they may grow to full maturity as individuals and members of society and that their conditions in life may be improved.”

And insert:

To educate and empower children and young people to be able to participate actively in society,

Motions Passed at Annual Gathering 2011

  • Developing Volunteers

This Annual Conference instructs General Council

· To provide support to groups and districts by ensuring that we can call on as many people as possible to support the work they are doing

· To help leaders by implementing the volunteer policy agreed by General Council at their meeting in November 2010

· To provide a structure that will enable groups and districts to have CRB checks (and other similar checks as required) for volunteers.

Motions Passed at Annual Gathering 2010

  • Woodchips included in group registration fees

This Annual Conference resolves to remove “between six and fifteen inclusive” in the Woodcraft Constitution Section F(1)(i) and replace with “under 16 years old” so as to read “where they include any Young Members under 16 years old, pay an annual group registration fee as laid down from time to time by the Annual Conference; and”

Motions Passed at Annual Gathering 2009

  • Extension of Unwaged membership fee

This Annual Conference extends the unwaged membership fee band to include those on low wages (i.e.
below the standard income tax threshold).

Motions Passed at Annual Gathering 2006

  • District Accounts

District Accounts

Following the qualification by Woodcraft Folk Auditors of our 2004 accounts, and the concerns expressed regarding the lack of control of the accounts of districts and groups, this Annual Conference resolves that:

1.     General Council shall arrange training and guidance for District and Group Treasurers

Motions Passed at Annual Gathering 2005

Resolutions Passed at Annual Gathering 2005

  • Withdrawal of DFES funding

This Annual Conference:

Policies and Motions

The policies of the Woodcraft Folk are created by two mechanisms.

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