Annual Gathering

Annual Gathering Motions: Final Call

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

The deadline for motions is tomorrow Thursday the 5th of June at 12 noon.

Any last minute ideas from your group/district,motions you forgot to submit, you've still got a few hours to get them in (Send them to:

If you miss the deadline it won't be discussed this year

Annual Gathering

Annual Gathering is the democratic heart of the Woodcraft Folk. It’s where Woodcraft Folk members discuss big issues, vote on a range of different motions and elect trustees onto General Council.

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Motion 11: Badges for Group Members

This Annual General Meeting notes that a new initiative, badges for child membership, has been approved and that new badges were issued in 2012, according to the average number of children in a group. We find this initiative un-workable, as the average number of children is not the same as the full number, especially as children leave the group and new ones join during the year. Therefore, with less than the required number of badges, we find they cannot be distributed to all children, and so cannot be distributed at all.

Motion 10: DF Five Year Membership

This Annual General Meeting agrees that the existing five year membership fee for DFs is set at five times the annual unwaged/low paid fee. With immediate effect shall be only available to those aged 16.

Proposed and seconded by: General Council

Supporting Information:
The five year fee was always intended to only cover DFs from age 16 to 21.

Motion 9: Friends of the Folk

This Annual General Meeting welcomes the initiative to create a ‘Friends of the Folk’ network to encourage individual and collective donations to the movement.

We consider that this should have a local as well as a movement-wide aspect.

This meeting resolves:

Motion 8: Group Registration Fees 2014 (applicable to all groups other than DFs)

This Annual General Meeting Notes:

1   The 2013 registration fees are £52 per group plus £5 per child or young person.
2   For the average group of 13 children or young people this means group registration fees of £117.
3   The cost of administering and supporting a group is around £300 per year.
4   According to our governing documents a child or young person attending more than four sessions, or an overnight stay, is considered a young member of Woodcraft Folk.

This Annual General Meeting Agrees:

Motion 7: Individual Membership Fees

This Annual General Meeting notes that the fees charges to individual members have not changed for many years and are currently £25 per waged person, and £10 per unwaged or low waged member.

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