Annual Gathering 2012

Event date: 
27 April 2012 - 6:00pm - 29 April 2012 - 2:00pm
Event location: 
Scout Park, Gorden Road, London, N11 2PB

Woodcraft Folk's Annual Gathering 2012 will take place on the weekend of 27-29 April 2012 at Scout Park in Bounds Green, North London (just a few minutes walk from Bound Green tube or Bowes Park rail).

More details will be published soon, but get the date in your diary now and expect the usual Woodcraft Folk mix of democracy, skill-sharing, singing and games.

Draft pre-Gathering timetable

Annual Gathering 2012

Annual Gathering 2012

Motion 28

Group Registration System

This Annual Conference notes the new group registration fee introduced in 2012. Aspects of the new scheme appear unnecessarily cumbersome and do nothing to simplify the paperwork demanded by the centre from our often hard pressed volunteers at group and district level. Therefore this conference instructs General Council to introduce the ability of groups to pay a flat rate £125 as an alternative to £50 plus £5 per registered member.

Proposed and Seconded by: Azania Pioneers

Motion 27

Dietary requirements

This Annual Conference recognises that meat is a valid and important part of many people's diets and encourages KPs in the interest of inclusion to accommodate for meat eaters' diets.

Proposed and Seconded by: Ealing and Hammersmith

Motion 26

Re-affirm non-use of 'How'

This Annual Conference reaffirms its previous decision to cease using the word “How” in Woodcraft Folk activities. The word perpetuates racial stereotyping of Native American nations. This conference instructs General Council to consider how best to ensure compliance with this policy across the movements’ groups, preferably through an educational method if it is felt necessary.

Proposed and Seconded by: Azania Pioneers

Motion 25

Enabling Volunteering

This Annual Conference instructs General Council to put in place a system to enable groups and districts to access the free CRB checks for non-member volunteers.

Proposed and Seconded by: Boveney District

Motion 24

Support the District Fellows Movement to become an independent organisation

This Annual Conference congratulates the District Fellows Movement on its coming of age. It is now time for the District Fellows Movement to be encouraged to take the next step in its development by becoming an independent partner co-operative organisation. We call upon National Council to assist the District Fellows Movement in investigating the best way forward.

Proposed by: Cherrywood Pioneers
Seconded by: Wimbledon Woodchips

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