Woodcraft Folk has an approach and an outlook that is different from any other provision for children and young people. If both our activities and the way that we deliver them is inspired and underpinned by Woodcraft Folk’s Aims & Principles, then the difference will be apparent, even in a group for younger children. Many young people will have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of out of school activities, including sports teams, youth clubs, religious groups and uniformed groups (e.g. Guides, Cadets, Boys Brigade).


Woodcraft Folk is open to all ages, from birth to adult. The organisation’s purpose, according to our constitution, is:

The advancement of education and the empowerment of children and young people for the public benefit by encouraging children and young people to participate in society, improving their lives and others through active citizenship; and promoting the interests and welfare of children and young people. 

1.1 - Our Aims & Principles

The work of Woodcraft Folk groups is underpinned by a unique philosophy which makes the way we work different from other organisations for children and young people. This philosophy is outlined in our Aims & Principles, and describes what Woodcraft Folk believes about young people and the wider world.

Is training accredited or transferable?

Woodcraft Folk training is not currently accredited, but many skills you will learn are transferable.

Leader training weekend plan

On this page you will find the handouts, notes and planning documents needed to run a leader training weekend. 


Bitesize Training Plans


These session plans were developed by the new groups project in 2015-16 as in introduction to volunteering with Woodcraft Folk. They are designed to work as standalone sessions, or together as a set of four. 

Bitesize Working Together training plan

This training session is an introduction to working together with other adults to organise your group.

By the end of the session, volunteers will be better equipped to:

Bitesize Staying Safe training plan

This training session is an introduction to safeguarding for group leaders and helpers. 

To run this session you'll need: 

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