Is training accredited or transferable?

Woodcraft Folk training is not currently accredited, but many skills you will learn are transferable.

Leader training weekend plan

On this page you will find the handouts, notes and planning documents needed to run a leader training weekend. 


Bitesize Training Plans


These session plans were developed by the new groups project in 2015-16 as in introduction to volunteering with Woodcraft Folk. They are designed to work as standalone sessions, or together as a set of four. 

Bitesize Working Together training plan

This training session is an introduction to working together with other adults to organise your group.

By the end of the session, volunteers will be better equipped to:

Bitesize Staying Safe training plan

This training session is an introduction to safeguarding for group leaders and helpers. 

By the end of the session, new volunteers will:

Bitesize Managing Behaviour training plan

This training session is an introduction to managing behaviour at group nights. 

By the end of the session, you will be able to:

Bitesize Putting the Aims and Principles into Practice

This session is an introduction to Woodcraft Folk programme planning, including how to design sessions that promote our aims and principles. 


Working Together Training

How can group leaders, helpers and other adult members in the Woodcraft Folk work together in a more effective way?

We are very good at helping children to learn the skills of co-operation but sometimes struggle to reflect these in the interactions between adults in the movement.

This workshop will cover both the attitudes and the skills needed to work together not only co-operatively but also collaboratively. 

New Leader Training write up

Please, find attached an example write up of a new leader training weekend.

The training event included sessions on:

  • Games
  • Singing
  • Putting the aims and principles into practice
  • History of Woodcraft Folk
  • Safeguarding
  • Risk assessment
  • Impact and outcomes for children and young people
  • Programme planning

In the report you will find a series of useful website links.

Programme Planning

You're in one of the main sections of Woodcraft Folk's New Group Journey training module. The most important points to remember are listed first, and following that is a fuller explanation of what you need to do in this area. There are many different ways of doing things in Woodcraft Folk, so we've included only the essential guidance in this module, leaving you to develop your own methods to suit your group.

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