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Pea Fair

Pea Fair (from Highgate & Holloway district)

At the end of each term we hold a district event. In the summer it’s in a park and we invite parents and run games etc. At the end of the term before Christmas we hold a pea fair for the whole district including parents.

The week before the last session we get the young people to come up with ideas for stalls they could run at the pea fair.

These are not limited to

Woodcraft Calendar

Woodcraft Calendar (from Highgate & Hollway district)

What you need to do –

NCS Resource List

A collect of resources from Woodcraft's NCS programme. 

Badge Work

Working towards a badge is a great way to structure your group nights over a term or half term. By completing activities and tasks children can earn badges to show what they have achieved. This is done in a non-competitive way and is about personal and group achievement, not about doing better or worse than others. 

101 Woodchip Ideas

A guide to 101 Woodchip activities that you can do with your group. 

Hornsey Bushcraft Booklet

Kate Anderson, a Hornsey Woodcraft leader who helped win and deliver the 2012-13 Awards For All project ‘Outdoor Bushcraft Education For Young People’ has been working in China for the past year and, taking advantage of a break from her

Who are these Folk?

Who are these Folk? is an explanation of Woodcraft Folk, including our history and our Aims & Principles. It's part of the training course Introduction to Woodcraft Folk

Southampton Community Orchard

A case study of a great example of an Action Project, a youth led community project. The case study includes useful links and recommendations for your group if wishing to do a similar project.

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