Funding and finance

Financial Returns

From this page you can access information about the Annual and Mid-year Financial Returns, which Districts provide to Folk Office.

For information on the 2020 Mid-year Financial Return, click here

Year-end Financial Return - webinars

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Example grant applications

You can download below example grant applications

Latest grants list

 The list is in date order and some deadlines are very soon. They will not be applicable to all of you (most are for specific regions), and you might find that none of them are suitable for your district.

Fundraising guidance

This page provides guidance on certain key things to think about when fundraising. 

Donations given for a specific purpose (rather than for general Woodcraft Folk purposes)

Detailed legal rules apply in relation to donations which are given for a specific purpose (eg. for an international exchange) but which can’t be spent on that purpose (eg. because the exchange is cancelled).

Local fundraising ideas

We're gathering together ideas from our districts about how to raise funds to support your activities. You will find these in the resources tagged by 'local fundraising', or you can click the links below to go straight to a specific activity.

Please submit your ideas at

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