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Development Conference Report 2008

The 2008 Development Conference successfully showcased a number of Woodcraft Folk projects and approaches adopted across the UK to engage and attract children, young people and adult helpers from diverse communities.

In the attached report you will find:

Youth Participation Forever

The TREE programme, which ran from 2009 to 2014, supported young Woodies aged 10 - 18 to have their voices heard, to take on new roles and challenges, and to learn new skills such as communication, facilitation, decision-making and many forms of leadership.

Although funding for the work has currently finished, empowering young people is still very important in Woodcraft Folk. Here you can download a list of TREE's main messages for Woodcraft Folk - please read, remember and act on these!

Youth Participation Ambassadors - Guide

Helpful information for anyone who wants to champion young people's participation at all levels of Woodcraft Folk. Created from a weekend's training activities run by the TREE team for young people from Districts all over Woodcraft Folk. 

Please share with your group and help them give young members a voice and influence at every level of Woodcraft Folk!

Woodcraft Folk Catalogue of Empowering Resources

Welcome to Woodcraft Folk's Catalogue of Empowering Resources!

This document contains links and descriptions of the most important resources designed by children and young people to help other young members make the most of the Woodcraft Folk movement at all levels. 

A student’s guide to starting a co-operative










Being a student can feel like you’re in the hands of others, whether landlords or supermarkets. But there is an alternative.

Learn 2 Play Activities

Learn 2 Play Activities:

  1. The Woodcraft experience
  2. Link your hands
  3. Keeping safe & staying healthy
  4. This shall be a bond between us
  5. Safe and sound

Volunteer Recruitment & Support

Finding other committed leaders is the key to a successful group. Below are a range of resources to help.

Woodcraft Folk Young Mentors Course

This training programme for young mentors within the Woodcraft Folk was developed by the TREE Programme as part of a wider scheme to recruit, train, deploy, and support young people in a range of mentoring positions throughout the organisation.

Growing Groups, Annual Gathering Workshop 2011

Growing Groups, Annual Gathering Workshop 2011

This workshop aims to:

Ideas for involving young people in committees

These ideas were put together for Woodcraft Folk Outdoor Centres who want to get more under 18s involved in their centre committees, but they apply to other committees too.

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