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Motions Passed at Annual Gathering 2005

Resolutions Passed at Annual Gathering 2005

  • Withdrawal of DFES funding

This Annual Conference:

Tips for an inclusive group night

At a weekend of workshops looking at how to support children and young people with autism and other communication difficulties, Woodcraft Folk delegates agreed the following Top Ten Tips for Group nights:

National Volunteer Guide

Below you can download details of all the volunteer roles available at a local level in Woodcraft Folk groups around the UK. They're divided into three groups:

  • First steps - roles suitable for your first experience of volunteering in Woodcraft Folk
  • More involved - roles needing a bit more time and experience
  • Regular commitment - roles for those who've been volunteering for a while and want more responsibility

Practical information and advice on hosting a delegation

Here is a Q & A with Paul from Brighthelmstone, whose district hosted a delegation of asylum seekers several years running, and Fleur from Woodcraft Folk Scotland, who brought two asylum seeking families to Global Village.

Delegation Visa letter

Are you planning to have a Delegation at CoCamp? This simple letter is a template to help you applying for Visas. For more information please contact Kieran Ford

Advice on hosting a delegation

Hilary, a long-standing member of Cambridge Woodcraft Folk, has helped host several overseas delegations at Cambridge District camps, Global Village and other events. She has also worked with refugees for a long time – so she knows her stuff. ‘Good preparation and good communication are the key’ she says. Her ideas could be useful to you whether you're hosting a youth group from overseas or a group of young refugees or asylum seekers from within the UK. Feel free to add comments and questions at the end of the article (if you're logged in) or email with any queries. 

Woodcraft Folk and political activity

Woodcraft Folk members are playing an active role in the large public demonstrations in 2010 and 2011. Just like in 2003 the movement's high profile in civil society offers us the prospect of reaching out to new adults and children. However, as we become more visible, so we must expect our position to be questioned - so here are some questions answered.

Woodcraft Folk KP support website

South West Woodcraft Folk have created a website full of useful checklists, information and handy tips based on their KP training weekend held in February 2011.

Gift Aid guidance for District Treasurers

What is Gift Aid?

Gift Aid enables charities like Woodcraft Folk to claim back the tax paid by donors on money they donate to the charity. If you are a UK taxpayer, every £10 you donate could be worth £12.50 to Woodcraft Folk.

Donors need to complete a simple declaration form with their name, address, amount donated and confirming that they have paid enough tax on the money they are donating and wish the charity to be able to claim it back as Gift Aid.

Transition Support - welcoming new group members


Take a look at the PDF below if you want ideas on how to help young people move from one age group to the next. Transition Support Ideas has activities for groups to do before, during and after the transition to try and make it as smooth as possible, and generally keep groups within a district in touch with each other. If you've got any good ideas to add to it, send them to - we'd love to hear them. 

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