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Case study: starting a new group

Margaret O'Byrne from Norwich Thorpe Hamlet talks us through the evolution of her group and what it's like to start a new one.

About 9 years ago I started a Venturer group with a friend. Initially someone just approached me and asked if i would like to bring my daughter to a group and possibly help run the group. At the beginning we met in someone's house and it was all very girly and craft based. Later we transferred to my house and soon the group was too big and we moved on to a local school. As we grew my eldest daughter stopped attending but my youngest continued and so i kept attending as a leader. Over the years the group has also changed and we developed Elfin and Pioneer sections.

Trade Union Affiliation Advice to Members

This advice is aimed mostly at Woodcraft members who are Trade Union members but who don't usually attend their branch, or those who have never put an affiliation motion forward.

Learn to Lead: Woodcraft training videos

This is a great set of short videos featuring Woodcraft volunteers. They explain all the important aspects of running a group and District, in a really clear and friendly way.

Case studies: Volunteer recruitment

How do you recruit new volunteers to work with your Woodcraft Folk group? Would you like some more ideas on what works and what doesn't? Woodcraft Folk and Change Agents UK have looked at how several different Woodcraft Folk Districts recruit new volunteers, and compiled their stories into 4 useful case studies which you can download below.

YHA Partner Organisations

Woodcraft Folk has a long history with the Youth Hostel Association and membership of the Woodcraft Folk also means that you become an affiliate member of the Youth Hostel Association.

Both organisations share a common history of self help, working class people wanting to get away from the cities and giving young people the change to explore the wilderness.

Motions Passed at Annual Gathering 2012

Becoming a Young Trainer - by Alice

Alice is a Young Trainer in Woodcraft Folk. Here's how it happened:

My Woodcraft background

I've grown up with woodcraft as a strong part of my life. In the past I've attended regional camps, international camps, protests against pretty much everything, played fiddle at Hamsterly's 10th birthday (such a long time ago now!), hostel weekends and bivvis. During uni I drifted away from woodcraft temporarily. But after volunteering in India for 10 weeks, I realised that global issues, helping others and all the Woodcraft morals are still really close to my heart. So I'm now an Elfin and Pioneer leader, running local group nights and providing experiences that I had growing up as a child with Woodcraft.

Justine’s story: starting a new Woodcraft group in the Midlands

Justine, Lucy and Jessica started Bournville Elfins after Jessica completed Forest Schools training and wanted to do something complementary. Justine says:

“Although we had never heard of Woodcraft Folk, we jumped at the chance! We all came from different areas and so sat down with a map and looked at where we could all get to by 5.45pm on a Wednesday and Bournville came out tops!

What other groups are around?

To locate your nearest Woodcraft Folk groups, visit the online map.

How to manage behaviour at group nights

Check out the managing behaviour web area for advice, guidance, webinars and session plans

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