Safeguarding Officer

Example Health Form

This is an example of a Health Form from Liss District which you might want to adapt for you own Group/District.

Please click on the link below to download a Word version of the form.

Example 1st Aid Policy

This is an example of a District 1st Aid Policy submitted by Southwark District. It can either be read here on-screen or downloaded by clicking on the link below.

Example District Policies

This is an example of district policies submitted by Hackney District. You can read them here on-screen or download them by clicking on the link below.

Group/District Administration


Group Admin

You can find a variety of recommended documents including registers, accounting spreadsheets, template session plans and much more on the new group admin page

District Admin

Model District Constitution

This is an model of District Constitution approved by General Council.

The General Council will issue model constitutions for all Groups, Districts and Regions on the 15th October 2012.

These constitutions have two parts "Section A" and "Section B".

If you wish to adopt the model constitution without changes you need to do nothing and your Group, District or Region Constitution will automatically be updated at Head Office and sent to you.

If you wish to make adjustments to "Section A" which outlines the powers, objects, members and other administrative affairs of your relevant Branch you will need to seek permission from General Council prior to 1st January 2013. (This may take up to three to four weeks and require negotiations)

If you wish to make amendments to "Section B" which outlines the officers, how committees work, Annual Meeting and other operational affairs of the branch then you may make amendments at any time of your choosing and inform General Council. Any amendments to Section B are not valid until General Council has received a copy of the amended rules and their delegated committee (FGP) has ratified them. (Usually this takes one to two weeks)

You can either read it here or download a Word version by clicking on the link below.

Example New Members Procedure

Please click on the link below to download an example of a New Members Procedure submitted by Boveney District.

Example District Committee Job Descriptions

This is an example of job descriptions for roles on a District Management Committee. This document was submitted by Boveney District and therefore refers to them throughout.

Example Group Leader Duties

This is a list of duties that a group leader is responsible for carrying out.

Another Example of Group Leader Duties

Group Leaders Responsibilities



  • Make themselves aware of the policies and procedures of Woodcraft Folk if not already covered by training (e.g. read/ask for handouts)
  • Liase with other volunteers to organise activities
  • Liase with other volunteers to organise equipment for the activities you’ll be running.
  • Organise own transport to venues

Setting up activities on site

Example Volunteer Induction Guide

This is an example of a Volunteer Induction Guide taken from the Royal Yachting Association. Although it is not directly applicable to Woodcraft Groups it may a useful starting point for creating your own.

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