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Your Movement Needs You - open letter to the Folk


Have you heard about Woodcraft Folk’s mentoring scheme?

We are looking for people to be involved in the scheme in a variety of ways...

Mentoring Skills Training

Event date: 
21 July 2012 - 9:00am - 5:00pm
Event location: 
Folk Office, Units 9/10, 83 Crampton Street (Near Elephant and Castle and Kennington tube stations)

Training for Supporting Young Leaders (ASDAN accredited Mentoring Scheme)

Theme: Supporting new and young leaders through mentoring - providing skills and tools to allow you to mentor young people who are taking on roles of greater responsibility and leadership in Woodcraft Folk

Age restriction:14 +

Cost: FREE (travel fully expensed, lunch provided). 

Number of places:18


Annual Gathering 2012

Annual Gathering 2012

How do I get a DBS?

All volunteers who regularly attend a group (more than once a month), or participate in residential activities, are required to complete a Disclosure and Barring Service Disclosure, and become a full member of Woodcraft Folk. DBS forms can be completed online at

Please complete membership before applying for a DBS online.  

Becoming a member

All volunteers are asked to make a commitment to the aims and principles of the Woodcraft Folk by becoming a member of the movement. Membership is free for under 16s. For everyone else, its £30 (or £12 for low/ unwaged) per year. This is a minimum donation. You can pay more if you are able. 

What is a member?

In simple terms a member is anyone who participates in Woodcraft Folk, and can be an adult or a child. Woodcraft Folk is a membership organisation and involves children as members of local groups and young people and adults as members of the national movement.

FAQs for new Woodcraft groups

These FAQs have been developed to support new groups, but may be of interest to any new member. Click on the question to visit the page with the answer.

Don't forget the related resources in the yellow box to the right. 

The Courier Online Home

Welcome to The Courier

This is the main online page for The Courier, Woodcraft Folk's co-operative newspaper. Here you can find a digital version of the newspaper, download the pdf, install The Courier app on your phone, donate to help tell more people about Woodcraft Folk and most crucially of all, get involved with shaping and writing Woodcraft Folk's co-operative newspaper.

Mentoring taster session

Click the link below to download a new taster workshop about the Woodcraft Folk mentoring programme. This workshop is designed to help young people think about roles which they would be interested in taking which having a mentor might give the added confidence and support to commit to. Also it is great for people who are interested in being mentors and would like to get a taste of what this would involve. 

Harrow Woodcraft Folk 80th Ann

Harrow Woodcraft Folk 80th Anniversary Party Invitation

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