Group Leaders

Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco and Intoxicating Substances Policy

Below is Woodcraft Folk's policy on the use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco and intoxicating substances at or during Woodcraft Folk activities.

Treasurer's Handbook

The current Treasurer's Handbook can be downloaded below.

Campaign Planning & Approval Process

This page sets out a simple process for agreeing formal organisational support of third-party campaigns, with three variants – ideal, minimum and emergency. It is designed for situations when we wish to endorse campaigns or campaign events organised by others and encourage participation and support by our members.

Disputes and Complaints Policy and Procedure

Below is Woodcraft Folk's Disputes and Complaints Procedure for groups and districts. If you have any queries about this document, please contact the Woodcraft Folk office on 020 7703 4173 or

Educational Resource Publications Policy

Below is Woodcraft Folk's Educational Resource Publications Policy. If you have any queries about this document, please contact the Woodcraft Folk office on 020 7703 4173 or

Webinar: Recruiting Children and Working with Schools

To accompany this webinar, there are a number of resources available to download below.

You can find lots more advice and resources around Schools Outreach here.

Venturer Camp

Venturer Camp happens every 3 years and is an event organised by our District Fellows for the 13-15 year olds members in our movement. Vcamp 2019 is now only 9 months away. For more information on this event see below. 

  • When will Vcamp 2019 be held? 

Vcamp 2019 will be from the 3rd August - 10th August 

Welcome to Woodcraft Folk Resources

If you're looking to express your interest in volunteering with us, please visit our start volunteering form and submit your details!

Woodcraft Folk Online Reference Form

Below is our new online referencing system for you to complete and submit.

We require all of our new members who are actively volunteering at group nights or atending overnight stays to provide two referees and submit references to support their membership application. References are our way to check an applicants suitability to work with children in addition to their DBS or PVG (scotland only) and support their membership application. Referees can be: 

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