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Hands In! group night activities

During this month of building our movement, there are loads of activities to be doing at group nights each week, so that right across the UK groups can explore some key themes and celebrate what Woodcraft means to us.

Some of the activities will be things you can do by linking up with other groups in your district - or your twin group, if you like. And some will involve creating something in your group to share with the rest of the movement.

Some things to do with your group are:

Hands In! regional quilts

We’re going to be making Woodcraft Folk patchwork quilts during Hands In! from 27th January to 4th March 2012 - aiming to end up with a quilt representing the groups and districts in each region.

During Hands In! Woodcraft Folk groups across the country are making squares to put together into big regional quilts – and we really hope you’ll join in too. Each square will say something about the group who made it (in a similar style to the ‘story quilt’ above), so the finished quilts will celebrate our movement and everyone who is part of it.

Hands In! group challenges

Throughout the 5 weeks of Hands In! we have a series of challenges and activities for Woodcraft Folk groups around the country to take part in.

Choose a different thing to do from the list each week.

Some things can be done during your group night, while others may need to be completed between sessions (you could all do it, or nominate a small team for each thing). You can do as many as you like - see how many challenges you can get through during the 5 weeks!

Hands In!

About Hands In!

Hands In! were UK-wide activities set up by the TREE Steering Group for the spring term (January to March), when groups across our movement have been doing activities to link us together as one. In the past  we've created beautiful quilts and had fun geocaching.

London Training Day

Event date: 
5 November 2011 - 10:00am - 5:00pm
Event location: 
Central London

First Aid training

Play the Woodcraft Way



Creche available. Lunch provided. Application by submitting form and cheque.

Please contact Monika or 020 8567 5613 for details.

Park Farm: The Future!

Over the past year and a half your Park Farm committee has been hard at work developing and maintaining the site to make it as pleasant a place as possible to bring your group for a weekend (or week!) away in some of the most beautiful countryside in the South East. We have been developing our vision for the site which centres around 3 themes; Bushcraft, Sustainability, and Development of the site.

Your Park Farm

Voluteering at the Farm

It is important to remember that this is YOUR site too, Park Farm runs entirely through the work of volunteers from across the London and SE region, both those serving on the committee and those who turn up to help at our working weekends. A BIG thank you to all those who have contributed in the past, it really is appreciated. It would be great to have a few more people along though as many hands makes light work!

Woodcraft Park Farm Bookings


Camping is our main focus at Woodcraft Park Farm. We can accommodate up to 100 campers at any one time. Our site contains several camping fields as well as woodland. In our barn there is a games room and hall in case of wet weather, and there are toilet blocks with hot showers.

There is also a playground area with a fitness trail and zip-line. Archery targets and equipment can be provided for groups.

Planning the term's programme

Looking for ways to involve children and young people in planning the programme for your group next term? Find out how Leicester Woodcraft Folk do it in the PDF below.

If you've got a different way of involving everyone in the group in planning your programme, share it! Log in to the website and publish it as a resource, or add it as a comment below, or email it to

GAG - Gwerin Annual Gathering

Event date: 
25 November 2011 (All day) - 27 November 2011 (All day)
Event location: 
Near Swansea - exact location TBA

This is your opportunity to contribute to the running of Gwerin y Coed, the Woodcraft Folk in Wales. Come along to take part in activities on sustainable food, learning how to use the website to get your news published, as well as our AGM and elections to Welsh Council.


Dyma yw eich cyfle chi i fod yn rhan o redeg Gwerin y Coed. Dewch yn llu i gymeryd rhan mewn nifer o weithgareddau ar fwyd cynaladwy, dysgu sut i ddefnyddio'r wefan i gyhoeddu eich newyddion, yn ogystal â chynnal ein Cyfarfod Blynyddol ac ethol aelodau newydd i Gyngor Cymru.

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