Bromley Woodcraft Venturer action project report

Bromley Woodcraft invited Rebecca to meet the pioneer group in 2011, after the session the pioneers didn’t feel they could rise to the challenge of an action project.

Leaders at the time tried to motivate the pioneers but after some discussion felt the ideas put forward were being heavily influenced by leaders and did not meet the sprit of the scheme.

In 2013 Joe met the Venturers to discuss geocaching and action projects (some of the venturers had been in the pioneer group who meet with Rebecca previously)

The group leaders felt that by running a session on planning an action project on a group night was the best way to motivate the venturers.

Led by young people

The leaders then ran a group night activity a couple of weeks later.

The venturers split into small groups and discussed their ideas; one venturer in each group then led the group through the action project form, a leader supported each group but was careful to only offer limited support.

Thought out and planned

Three ideas were put forward and each one was returned with a query or idea from the action project team

Once again the group discussed the ideas and looked at the practicalities of each project.

The venturers agreed that the community planting scheme as part of the district better known and understood weekend was the best option

Positive Impact on the community

Over the course of a week venturers, pioneers and leaders worked together to publicises Woodcraft Folk in Bromley through a variety of community activities

Firstly with a presence at the Penge Festival a local day long event for a mix of community groups, the festival included other uniform groups, fundraisers and a local refugee group who held a minute silence for a Somali young man shot in the field a week early, Woodcraft adult members stepped in to support the family of the young man

The district ran a stall and gave out over 100 specially designed postcards advertising the venturer group and was able to network with other groups including the Green party and local eco swap group

The second event we attended was at the invitation of the local urban allotment the venturers ran day long activity sessions including wood cookie tags, lantern making and very popular cookery sessions.

Once again leaflets and postcards were given out and enquiries from potential members taken.

Two apple trees were planted and we hope these will become a legacy of the TREE project and used in the future for cooking and craft activities for children and young people.

The third and final part of the project was to create floral and herb baskets and troughs for local community venues

The ventures lead the planting project and encouraged the elfin group members to work with them on group night.

The activity went well and everyone was fully engaged

  • Herb trough was presented to the school eco committee, an acknowledgment was received and Folk members have been invited into the school to work with the eco committee.
  • Two large hanging baskets were given by the venturer group and a leader to the community hall used by the venturers, the baskets were fragrant so blind and partially sighted hall users would benefit from the scent. Trustees for the hall were informed of the gift.
  • Two baskets one of herbs and one of flowers were given to the local recycling centre, and leaflets left  about Bromley Woodcraft Folk (the group which runs the centre  provides Bromley Folk with free camping equipment storage)


The £500 from the action project was spent on a shelter which can be used on future events, the two apple trees, refreshments, materials for the activity sessions and planting.

Areas of concern

Not all venturers were fully engaged with the activity, in the future leaders would consider encouraging venturers to take on more specific roles publicity generated brought more contacts for younger groups rather than venturer age in the future more effort would be made to target young people aged 10-12 and 13-16

Future ideas

  • The venturers will be approached to re visit the remaining two action projects (sports with school/fair-trade café)
  • The venturers will be approached about the option of linking up with another group , a suggestion has been made that they link with Kennington folk and share their successful project  ideas with the group running a project with kennington Folk in Ashford the budget would be £1,000