The Big Plan

Members of Woodcraft Folk decided on five main ambitions that the organisation should work towards, locally and nationally, between 2008 and 2013. Four cross cutting ambitions were also decided, which will help us achieve the main seven. Two more main ambitions were added in 2010. 

You can download the full Big Plan from the foot of this page, and read more about the groups working towards the ambitions on the Working Groups page.

Main ambitions of the Big Plan

  • We are open and accessible to all
  • We empower children and young people to influence Woodcraft Folk and society
  • We develop and use new and exciting approaches to learning
  • Internationalism
  • We prioritise camping and outdoor adventures
  • We are much better known and understood
  • We are bigger and better

Cross cutting themes

  • We communicate effectively with each other
  • We have enough money to do what we want
  • We provide appropriate training and support for all our volunteers
  • We co-operate with like-minded organisations
Woodcraft Folk Big Plan 2008 - 2013.pdf13.26 KB