Welcome to Woodcraft Folk's new badgework page!

Here you can access all the new draft badgework resources and let us know what you think. The consultation is ongoing- so please make sure to comment and give us your feedback. 

The badges have learning objectives and ‘tests’ (perhaps challenges would be better?) setting out what the kids need to learn and achieve in order to get the badge. The ‘tests’ are there as a guide for leaders, but each leader will know their own group best and can adapt the ‘tests’ to suit the ability of the kids. 

The idea is that there will be ready-to-go booklets that leaders can pick up and use. This will include suggested activities that groups can do to achieve the badge, but they don’t have to follow these ideas. Groups can do other activities to meet the learning objectives and ‘tests’ instead, and if possible we would like groups to submit them to be added to the webpage. You can do this by using the form below and sending it to . Groups can also leave comments on the badge pages saying what worked well for them, or didn’t! Hopefully, as people add activities and comments, these pages will evolve and there will be lots of ideas about how to earn the badge. The booklets can then be reviewed every few years to update them with the most popular activities.

The badges are divided into 8 themes – Folk belonging, culture/creativity, nature, health/wellbeing, outdoors, international, participation/community and peace – and these follow through the age groups. You can find the overall badgework table setting out the structure at the bottom of this page.

Please remember these are only draft badges at the moment - so please don't try to buy them from Folk Supply as they don't physically exist yet! Once we've finished the consultation we will get them made and will have an official launch. (last updated 05.06.2019)

Follow these links to find the badges for Elfins, Pioneers and Venturers:

Please remember you can leave comments at the bottom of every page, and you can email any activities you'd like to be added to a page to .

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