The Woodcraft Folk Historical Archives

Woodcraft Folk was founded in 1925 and have celebrated over 90 years of fantastic, co-operative work with children and young people. Over the years we've generated 1000's of historical documents, publications & photographs. 

Our archives have become invaluable not only plotting our journey and progression through time, but are great teaching materials and fond memories for so many. 

Since the 90 years Heritage Project we've had a small team of archive volunteers who have given up their time to go through, catergorise and document all of the materials that have been kept at Folk Office along with items donated by members. 

We now have a great library of memorabilia currently being stored at the UCL, National Coop Archive in Manchester, Bishopsgate Institute and on our Heritage website. 

  • I would like to donate 

We know a lot of our members have Woodcraft Folk memorabilia in their attics, bottom of the cupboard, garage and basements that they may wish to donate to us. If you have items you wish to send us, please complete the 'Memorabilia Donation' form attached below and return to The archive team will come back to you with instructions on where to send the items too or let you know if they already have duplicates. 

Please do not send in your items until you have heard from the team. 

  • I would like to join the archive team 

The archive team are always looking for more support. They're currently meeting in London, so if you're local and would like to lend a hand please email them at There maybe support that volunteers can provide remotely at home but this would need to be discussed with the team. 

  • I would like to visit the physical archives 

The archivists at UCL would welcome groups of young people to visit the physical archive, but any visits would need to be agreed in advance. The team is not very big, but they are keen to support members to engage and use the material held within the collection. If you're interested in visiting the archive please email who can put you in touch with the archive team.

If you would like to take a peek at some of the things held in our archive please visit

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