Annual Gathering - completing your booking

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This page provides a reminder of the things you need to do before your Annual Gathering booking will be confirmed. (NB: this page reproduces information provided during the booking process.)

Delegate Registration Form

All delegates (ie. voting participants) MUST complete a Delegate Registration form 

Delegate registration forms will be issued to Group and District Contacts by email on the 4th May to be completed and returned to Folk Office before the event by post or to

A participant will not have voting rights at Annual Gathering if a Delegate Registration Form is not returned for them. 


Membership & Group Registration

All groups or districts sending voting delegates must have paid their 2019 registration fees.

All adults attending Annual Gathering must be members of Woodcraft Folk with a valid DBS through Woodcraft Folk.

If someone who wishes to attend Annual Gathering does not have up to date membership or DBS we'll be in contact to ensure that this is resolved promptly. This will delay booking confirmation.

Membership/DBS/renewal can be applied for via the Woodcraft website.

Booking fee

All booking fees should be received before the event.

Any 10% early booking discount/late booking fee is applied by Folk Office to the fee that is charged. If you have selected to pay by cheque/bank transfer, please do not subtract a further 10%.

Payment of booking fee by cheque/bank transfer

If you've selected to pay by cheque/bank transfer, please note the following information:

  • Please save the Preliminary Booking Confirmation page as your invoice
  • All cheques should be made payable to 'Woodcraft Folk'
  • Our bank details for bank transfers are:

Woodcraft Folk Account No: 20392756  Sort Code: 60-83-01

  • If you make a bank transfer, please add a to reference your payment: your name (if booking individually) or district name (if making a group booking) plus the initials AG (eg. "JoeBloggsAG").

Payment towards Fare Pool

If your district has to pay into the Fare Pool (more information here - opens in new window), please note that:

  • If you pay by credit or debit card you'll need to contact Folk Office to make an additional payment for the Fare Pool
  • If you pay by cheque/bank transfer, you should add your Fare Pool contribution to the money you send by cheque/bank transfer

Making changes to your booking

If you need to change your booking, please contact Folk office

Please do not make an additional booking to make changes to your current booking.

Getting final confirmation of your booking

Please note your booking will not be complete until the matters above have been addressed and you have received a final confirmation email from Folk Office.

Questions - If you have any questions, please contact

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