Annual Gathering 2020

In the light of the current situation with the Covid 19 virus, General Council has decided to postpone the AGM which was scheduled for 30th May until Sunday 13th September 2020 and to hold the meeting electronically. We consider this to be the best way forward to ensure we meet our democratic and legal obligations in this very difficult time.

As a charity there are TWO key votes at an AGM which are needed in order for us to comply with legal obligations within 15months of our previous AGM. These are:-

  1. For the members to confirm they have received the annual Statutory Report and Accounts
  2. For the members to agree the appointment of the auditors

Both of these decisions require a majority of those voting to approve, and we need a minimum of 1/5 of our registered groups and districts to vote. Therefore, it is our priority to ensure that we can undertake both of these votes with enough people.


This year we only received 2 motions for debate, we have chosen to roll these motions to 2021. The wording of these motions is attached. We encourage all groups and districts to discuss the issues raised throughout the next year.


Finally, we intend to postpone the elections for General Council and Standing Orders Committee in line with the new date for the AGM and will hold these elections via postal vote. The new deadline for receiving nominations is Friday 7th August.

So what next?

We will send all district contacts the following documents on or before 28th August 2020,

  • A copy of the annual accounts
  • A proxy voting form
  • The Candidates information
  • A voting form for elections

We ask everyone to complete both a voting form and a proxy form. Please put your proxy vote to the Chair of the AGM.

We will then hold a short AGM using online video technology. This will be short and cover the essential items.

The voting forms will be passed from the office to Standing Orders Committee who will manage the election.

Papers Available 


More information on bookings will be announced soon. 

Amended Timeline

  • Fri 10th Jul - Preliminary Agenda issued
  • Fri 7th August – Nominations deadline
  • Fri 28th Aug – Final Agenda, Accounts, proxy forms and election voting forms emailed
  • Mon 7th Sep – deadline to return proxy forms and voting forms
  • Sun 13th Sep – online AGM held and election results announced

For more detail regarding these important changes to this years AGM, please find attached a letter for all of our members.

If you have any questions, please email

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